Reading at home every night really makes a difference to your child’s progress!


We are excited to tell you that we are launching a new 'Reading At Home' initiative. Your child will be provided with a brand new yellow reading record book (with protective cover) and a leveled reading book that will be appropriate for your child.



Steps to success for reading at home

  1. Choose a quiet area with no distractions, where you can give your child your full attention when listening to them read.
  2. Use ‘my turn your turn’ if your child is reluctant to read (read a page alternatively). This is a good opportunity to model expression and how to use punctuation.
  3. Help your child if they become stuck on reading a word. You can use phonics to help and say each sound in the word to try and hear what the whole word says. You can use picture clues to help by looking at the initial sound in the word and the picture.
  4. MOST  IMPORTANTLY…discuss the book with your child by asking them questions about what they've just read or what they think might happen.
  5. Praise your child and tell them what they did well.
  6. Write a comment and sign the yellow reading record.

Thank you for your continued support.

If you have any questions, please come and see your child's class teacher.



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