On Wednesday 1st March 2017, a selected number of pupils who won the Online Safety Poster / Web banner competition spent an afternoon designing and 3D printing their own success tropies!

Pupils learned what a 3D object is a experienced and how to design it on TinkerCAD and print it using an printer that uses a special plastic called filament, which hardens as it is printed. The printer lays the filament out to the design on the computer.

Take a look at a final, printed trophy, designed by Juan Gray.

Below, we have pictures of the action packed afternoon!

3D0003.JPG 3D0004.JPG 3D0005.JPG 3D0006.JPG 3D0012.JPG 3D0013.JPG 3D0014.JPG 3D0018.JPG 3D0021.JPG 3D0025.JPG 3D0026.JPG 3D0032.JPG 3D0035.JPG 3D0040.JPG 3D0041.JPG 3D0043.JPG 3D0049.JPG 3D0053.JPG 3D0054.JPG 3D0059.JPG 3D0061.JPG 3D0063.JPG 3D0066.JPG 3D0068.JPG 3D0069.JPG 3D0072.JPG 3D0075.JPG 3D0078.JPG

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