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Online Safety

There has been a greater emphasis placed on highlighting safeguarding issues with digital technologies by the Department of Education with the ever increasing access to devices with internet capabilities.

The Legislation "Keeping children safe in education" describes the issue of online safety and its preventative approach as:

"The use of technology has become a significant component of many safeguarding issues. Child sexual exploitation; radicalisation; sexual predation: technology often provides the platform that facilitates harm. An effective approach to online safety empowers a school or college to protect and educate the whole school or college community in their use of technology and establishes mechanisms to identify, intervene in and escalate any incident where appropriate."

Our ESafeguarding policy (available here) addresses potential risks and describes our "whole school approach" to:

● Identifying the risks posed to learners,

● The measures to prevent exposure by systems in place to appropriately monitor and filter internet content,

The procedures in place to report / escalate online safety incidents.

Carrwood is committed to educating learners of the risks posed by online digital technology by embedding online safety across the curriculum.

Learners are introduced to Online Safety at the start of every academic year by introducing online safety using appropriate age related lesson material. These lessons will be included in learners very first ICT lessons and as part of their PHSE / safety curriculum. Learners will also be introduced to the Pupil Charter; an acceptable usage agreement that was devised by the pupil council, in version that are age appropriate (KS1 or KS2). These lessons will be implemented on a termly basis, with a recap of what they have learned at the end of the school year.

Parents and pupils will receive new learning materials throughout the school year; they will receive their pupil charter as part of their first introduction to Carrwood school, transition meetings into their new classes, receive regular online safety tips through home activities and school newsletters .

Learners will also cover online safety as part of topic and themed events, which includes anti-bullying week, thoughtfulness week and Safer Internet Day etc. Each year we follow a schedule of activities to coincide with Safer internet Day, which this time falls on on the 2nd Tuesday of every February.

In previous years, we have done activities such as online bullying posters and leaflets, powerpoint presentations of the dangers of the online world and even storyboards on possible implications of certain actions online and how to deal with them.

For Safer Internet Day 2017, we had a week worth of activities which included an online safety tips poster for KS1 and online safety web banner for KS2. The winners will be selected by the pupil council and will attend a 3D printing experience at the Innovation Centre in Bradford to design and create their own winning medals! Check out the designs here!

To keep our staff and governors are trained and up to date on the latest online safety risks and resolutions, Carrwood Primary School will en devour to provide training from recognised external agencies. Our staff and governors will attend their latest training workshop in March 2017, delivered by Innovation Centres.

If any pupil feels unsure about a website, or a chat you might think is inappropriate, click the link below and report it to CEOP.


On Wednesday 1st March 2017, a selected number of pupils who won the Online Safety Poster / Web banner competition spent an afternoon designing and 3D printing their own success tropies!

Pupils learned what a 3D object is a experienced and how to design it on TinkerCAD and print it using an printer that uses a special plastic called filament, which hardens as it is printed. The printer lays the filament out to the design on the computer.

Take a look at a final, printed trophy, designed by Juan Gray.

Below, we have pictures of the action packed afternoon!

3D0003.JPG 3D0004.JPG 3D0005.JPG 3D0006.JPG 3D0012.JPG 3D0013.JPG 3D0014.JPG 3D0018.JPG 3D0021.JPG 3D0025.JPG 3D0026.JPG 3D0032.JPG 3D0035.JPG 3D0040.JPG 3D0041.JPG 3D0043.JPG 3D0049.JPG 3D0053.JPG 3D0054.JPG 3D0059.JPG 3D0061.JPG 3D0063.JPG 3D0066.JPG 3D0068.JPG 3D0069.JPG 3D0072.JPG 3D0075.JPG 3D0078.JPG

For this year's Safer Internet Day, we took part in activities all week to support our learning in internet safety. One of the main activities this year was a competition to design a poster or web banner that explained safer internet tips.

Key stage 1 designed a poster to put up on class displays and key stage 2 designed web banners that will rotate on our school's website!

Staff took part in a vote to decide on 10 winners. These competition winners spent the afternoon on Wednesday 1st March designing and 3D Printing their own trophies!

And the winners were:

Kelci Pommels Year 5 Sapphire

Ebony Stanhope-Woodhead Year 6 Turquoise

Katie Watson Year 6 Topaz

Shreya Kaur Year 5 Opal

Eloise Richter Year 6 Topaz

Juan Gray Year 6 Turquoise

Kyron Marshall Year 2 Aquamarine

Izabella Bilerte Year 2 Aquamarine

Aimee Dunnachie Year 2 Aquamarine

Scarlett Lowther Year 2 Aquamarine


Take a look at all the entries here:



Alex.jpg Aliyah.jpg Ally.jpg Amanda.jpg Andrew.jpg Billiejo.jpg Daniella.jpg Ebony.jpg Ella.jpg Eloise1.jpg Finnley.jpg Hollie.jpg JAckC.jpg Joesph.jpg Juan.jpg Julia.jpg Kaceyleigh.jpg Katie.jpg Kelci.jpg KenzieL.jpg Kia.jpg Krissy.jpg KyleV.jpg Lacie N.jpg MArley.jpg Malaika.jpg Mckenzie.jpg Rhiannan.jpg RubyL.jpg Shreya.jpg Tommi-lee.jpg Tyler.jpg Yasin.jpg alfie.jpg bethany.jpg charliejo.jpg cole.jpg henley.jpg king.jpg laceyjo.jpg luke.jpg mason.jpg ryan.jpg tommy.jpg unknown.jpg weronika.jpg william.jpg


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