School Start

School starts at 8:45am. Your child needs to be in class and ready for registration by this time. Teachers will start to register their class not long after 8:45am. If your child is any later than 9:00am, you must take them round the main school office to be registered (this is to change the register from absent to present).

You may wish to send your child to Breakfast club.  Breakfast club starts at 8:00am to 8:45am. Breakfast club costs £1.50 per day. For your child to attend Breakfast club, please bring them to the lower KS2 Entrance (Entrance to the two-storey building).

The latest admission to Breakfast Club is 8:30am. If your child arrives after this time, he/she will be turned away from Breakfast Club and told to go wait in their relevant year group playground.

School End

School finishes at 3:00pm. The gates surrounding school will be opened at 2:40pm, where parents can collect their children by waiting at their Key Stage entrances. Parents are asked not to crowd entrance doors to avoid congestion and confusion.


There are 5 assemblies each week.

Friday assemblies are Whole School Parent/Achievement assemblies, whereby you are more than welcome to support your children for achievements made during the week.

Parent / Achievement assemblies start 9:00am prompt. Please be ready by 8:55am at the lower KS2 entrance (Entrance to the two-storey building).



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