School Council

The school council representatives from each class meet every week on a Thursday break time in the library. There are now two members (a girl and a boy) from every class from year 1 up to year 6. Each class  voted for the children who they felt are responsible, confident role models.

Each week different topics are discussed which effect all pupils at Carrwood, such as: lunchtime equipment, charity days and how we would like the library to be organised and decorated.
The school council members are responsible for feeding back the ideas discussed with the rest of their class.

We are hoping for the children involved in school council to sometimes lead assemblies on different topics in the future, as they are the voice of Carrwood's pupils!

If you are unsure who the representatives are for your class their photos can be found on each classroom door.
This has already been a fantastic year for school council and more achievements are on their way!

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