Here at Carrwood Primary School, we have all been hard at work fundraising for this years Children in Need. Learners and Staff have got them selves involved in activities all around school, including our 'Spotacular' walks, taking part in a superhero themed non-uniform day and buying Children in Need festival wristbands and Pudsey ears.

Generosity from family and friends in supporting your children has helped raised over £1600 for Children in Need! This is the largest amount we have ever raised in any charity fundraiser. We are exceptional proud of our learners, ours staff and our parents for making this outstanding result possible! Click on the images below to take a look at what we got up to on Children in Need. CIN20160016.JPG CIN20160017.JPG CIN20160056.JPG CIN20160058.JPG CIN20160068.JPG CIN20160072.JPG CIN20160076.JPG CIN20160085.JPG CIN20160097.JPG CIN20160098.JPG CIN20160100.JPG CIN2016010009.JPG CIN2016010012.JPG CIN2016010015.JPG CIN201601054.JPG CIN201601065.JPG CIN20160107.JPG CIN201601090.JPG CIN20160111.JPG CIN20160114.JPG CIN20160123.JPG CIN20160130.JPG CIN20160134.JPG CIN20160138.JPG CIN20160155.JPG CIN20160161.JPG CIN20160184.JPG CIN20160186.JPG CIN2016100007.JPG ChildrenInNeedV20001.JPG

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