This year we are having a really big push on the importance of reading. As well as us hearing your child read at school we'd like you to hear your child read at home on a regular basis. What is your favourite book at the moment and will it be the same at the end of the year?

We believe that reading is the root of happy and successful learning.  A confident reader can use their understanding of words to explore and engage with the world around them.  Our dedicated reading area, Roots, introduces children to stories.  From developing a love of books through stories our children are given the skills and confidence to learn in all areas of the primary curriculum.  We believe that children who feel confident in their use of words-reading and writing-are more engaged and better motivated in school.

Our children are introduced to a wide range of experiences through residential trips and learning opportunities outside of the classroom.  Our children are not afraid to ask questions as they are taught that their inquisitive nature is a life skill that will lead them to take ownership of their learning journey.

At Carrwood your child will be given a great start to their learning journey through school and life.

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