The aim of the Knowles Park Fence Community Project was to redevelop key “Gateway” locations in Holmewood and Tong.

We worked with Bradford Council and the wonderful artist Craig Dyson.  Our designs and ideas helped to create a bespoke piece of public artwork and the new perimeter fence for Knowles Park.

We were initially shown various examples of decorative fence panels for inspiration; this allowed us to develop our own ideas.

We had to focus on the themes of locality, Community Cohesion, Health and Well Being and Bradford’s Heritage: Past and Present.

We had lots of discussions and practical workshops at school, we even visited Craig’s workshop in Haworth where we could observe all aspects of the construction process.

Although there were lots of other people from the local community involved we made the suggestion that it might be possible to make a fence that could move or come alive at night.  From our ideas the ‘Perspective’ concept was born.

DSCN0131.jpg DSCN0212.jpg DSCN0220.jpg DSCN0233.jpg DSCN0257.jpg DSC_0427.jpg DSC_0450.jpg DSC_0451.jpg DSC_0452.jpg DSC_0453.jpg DSC_0458.jpg DSC_0462.jpg DSC_0471.jpg DSC_0477.jpg DSC_0478.jpg DSC_0480.jpg DSC_0483.jpg DSC_0484.jpg DSC_0485.jpg DSC_0486.jpg DSC_0519.jpg DSC_0525.jpg DSC_0528.jpg DSC_0533.jpg DSC_0535.jpg DSC_0538.jpg DSC_0548.jpg

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