ASP- Attendance, Smartness, Politeness Rewards

At Carrwood Primary School we like to reward positive behaviour and give rewards, one of our reward systems is ASP an ASP is a snake we have two displays in school to remind children about how they can achieve rewards. Staff in school can award asp points for the following:


To help improve attendance, children who attend school everyday all week will receive an asp from their class teacher.


To maintain how smart children look they can receive reward stamps from any member of staff who thinks they look smart and tidy in uniform.

- Clean and tidy uniform

- T-shirts tucked in

- Indoor pumps must be worn inside

- Girls, No Zhuzhies only school uniform coloured hair bands.

- Girls, no nail varnish

REMEMBER our uniform is as follows…

- Purple sweatshirt or cardigan with or without school logo (years 5 and 6 only)

- Green sweatshirt or cardigan with or without Carrwood logo on for Reception to Years 4

- White blouse/shirt or white polo top

- Grey or black skirt, trousers or pinafore dress

- Green/white gingham dress – summer

- Small bobble or dark green small scrunchie

- Black pumps for indoors – these are essential as school is carpeted.


To show everyone who visits school how polite and well mannered our children are. Children can receive an asp reward from any member of staff for being polite and showing kindness, maybe holding a door open for someone, helping someone with a task or giving someone a compliment.

Every child from Reception to Year 6 will have a reward card in school kept in their classroom. Children can get ASP reward stamps for any of the above from any member of staff; these can be collected and used at the reward shop. Each Tuesday lunchtime in the Library Miss King and Mrs Gill will be at the reward shop where children can bring reward cards and spend points on prizes.

To buy a prize children need to have at least 10 reward stamps. The chosen rewards will be put into a named bag and taken back to class to be given out at the end of the day.

Please remember to remind your child to come to school everyday on time, wearing correct and smart uniform and showing manners and politeness to others, taking responsibility and pride in themselves.

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