Year 6 Turquoise

Welcome to Year 6 Turquoise!

Our class teacher is Miss Parry.

Our Support Assistant is Mrs Smith.

Our HLTA is Mrs Austerfield.

Our Reading Support is Mrs Hanif.

Our topic this term is myths and legends and we will focus on a range of myths and legends from all over the world and at different periods of time. We will use the poem ‘Beowulf’ to help us with this too!

Year 6 have a project to complete this half term which is to create something relating to the Anglo-Saxon times or Beowulf.  Previously we have had many amazing models including some fantastic windmills; we have been so impressed!

In Literacy we are using the narrative ‘Beowulf’ which is a wonderful text by Michael Morporgo  and gives children a wide array of vocabulary to use; it also has some fantastic battle scenes. This will also give us the opportunity to look at a range of genres of writing such as persuasive texts, instructions, descriptive texts and many more. We are also focussing on basic skills such as grammar, spelling and handwriting.

In Numeracy we will be learning all about number facts and place value and a strong emphasis will be placed on learning our times tables all the way up to 12 x 12. It is essential that we can rapidly recall all our times tables in Year 6!

Year 6 is a very important year and we are counting down to our SATs tests in May 8th already so keep working hard both at home and at school!

Download Year 6 National Curriculum

Year 6 Curriculum Map for 2016 - 2017

Year 6 Turquoise had a project to build a windmill which linked to our topic. They completed windmills  a range of ways at home and they are fantastic. Great work!

WindmillTurq0001.JPG WindmillTurq0002.JPG WindmillTurq0003.JPG WindmillTurq0004.JPG WindmillTurq0005.JPG WindmillTurq0006.JPG WindmillTurq0007.JPG WindmillTurq0008.JPG WindmillTurq0009.JPG WindmillTurq0010.JPG WindmillTurq0011.JPG WindmillTurq0012.JPG

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