Year 4 Peridot

Welcome to Year 4 Peridot!

Our class teacher is Mr Glossop.

Year 4 is an exciting year. It is our final year in Lower Key Stage 2 before we move up to year 5 and wear purple jumpers! We are looking forward to our topics: Active Planet; Land, Sea and Sky; Bright Sparks and Saving the World with Chocolate.

This half term our topic is ‘Land, Sea and Sky’. We will be learning about animals, plants and habitats. In English, we will be learning about news reports and basing our learning around the book ‘Flotsam’ by David Wiesner. It is a great picture book about a boy who discovers an old camera on the beach. Our Maths work will be on fractions. We will be finding fractions of amounts, adding and subtracting fractions and converting mixed numbers and improper fractions. We will be solving a range of problems involving fractions too. It is really important that we know all our times tables off by heart by the end of year 4 so we will be practising them daily.

The Readathon has started! Whenever you have finished reading a book make sure you tell school and we can add another book to our Readathon display!

We also have Whitby to look forward to in a few months. It is a fantastic residential and for some children it will be the first time they have stayed away from home. It will be a great experience.

Year 4 Curriculum Map for 2016 - 2017

Download Year 4 National Curriculum

As part of our topic ‘Active Planet’, Year 4 visited Forest School to learn how to survive a natural disaster. We had a fantastic day with Tom at his woods in Wakefield.

We had the opportunity to learn a wide variety of survival skills including: shelter building, tracking, making fire and cleaning water.

Tom taught us how to make a filter to clean dirty water. We used plastic bottles, charcoal (from the wood burnt on our fire), fabric and leaves – all items we could find during a disaster – to filter the water. It worked fairly well, although it still wasn’t clean enough for us to drink.

Making fire was exciting. We used a rod and striker to make sparks that set a cotton wool pad on fire. It was quite a challenge and we had to use all our perseverance skills. Later, we used the fire to cook some food. We made the most delicious smores!

However, before we could cook and eat our food, we had to find it. We carefully followed the tracks left in the forest to hunt down the goodies - we really earned our lunch.

It was a brilliant day and we learnt some amazing skills for surviving a natural disaster but most of all we had lots of fun! yr4fs0001.JPG yr4fs0002.JPG yr4fs0003.JPG yr4fs0004.JPG yr4fs0005.JPG yr4fs0006.JPG yr4fs0007.JPG yr4fs0008.JPG yr4fs0009.JPG yr4fs0010.JPG yr4fs0011.JPG yr4fs0012.JPG yr4fs0013.JPG yr4fs0014.JPG yr4fs0015.JPG yr4fs0016.JPG

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