Year 2 Diamond

Welcome to Year 2 Diamond! Our class teacher is Miss Ramsay and our teaching assistant is Mrs Stanhope

During this half term our topic is 'Into the Woods'.  We will be finding out about different woodland animals and their habitats, different woodland areas of the UK and we will be reading fairy tales with a woodland theme.  We will be finding bog babies, following the journey of Hansel and Gretel and reading about Robin Hood . In maths we will be counting objects up to 100, and beginning to recognise the place value of each digit in a two digit number.  Each lesson will start with a 'Daily Drilling' activity where we will practise our mental maths skills.  We will also be solving maths problems and explaining our methods and understanding to others.  We will move on to comparing and ordering numbers and counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10.

This is a very important part of the year for us as we will be completing the Key Stage One SAT’s tests. These will take place during May and will form part of the normal classroom routines.  For more information please speak to Mrs Hughes or Miss Ramsay.

We are looking forward to having a fantastic year in Diamond this year which will be filled with lots of exciting and engaging learning so stay posted to find out what else is happening this year!

Year 2 Curriculum Map for 2016 - 2017

Download Year 2 National Curriculum

In spring 2, Year 2 have been learning about Pirates! We have been finding out about pirates of the past, famous pirates,  jobs on board pirate ships and we will be researching the roles and responsibilities of the pirate crew.

We have done lots of activities based around Pirates including instruction writing, short stories and even a designing a poster in our ICT lesson.

The whole of year 2 had an amazing day on Monday 6th March working with the Q20 Theatre Company.  We spent the day doing amazing activities including playing pirate games and making fabulous pirate costumes.

The Q20 Theatre Company also invited us down to their Pirate Parade in Bradford town centre on Saturday 11th March. Learners could join the parade at Rawson Place, which then went through Kirkgate Market, then Kirkgate itself, up Darley Street, through the Oastler Market and ended in Oastler Square.

Some of our pupils even had their photograph taken by the Telegraph and Argus!

Here are some pictures of the workshop!

DSC_1216.jpg DSC_1219.jpg DSC_1223.jpg DSC_1226.jpg DSC_1229.jpg DSC_1231.jpg DSC_1244.jpg DSC_1246.jpg DSC_1252.jpg DSC_1253.jpg DSC_1255.jpg DSC_1257.jpg DSC_1259.jpg DSC_1262.jpg DSC_1264.jpg DSC_1266.jpg

We are working hard to improve reading across school. This is something that we need your help with.

Come and join us at our reading workshop for hints and tips on how to help your child at home.

We will demonstrate the skills and strategies used in school so that you are able to use these at home too.

A free reading gift pack will be given to all those who attend and there will be a reading raffle taking place too.

Session 1

When: Friday 9th December 2016 at 9.00am until


Where: In Branches (Please wait at the Year One

entrance and someone will meet you to

let you in).

Session 2

When: Friday 3rd February 2016 at 9.00am until


Where: In Branches (Please wait at the Year One

entrance and someone will meet you to

let you in).

Looking forward to seeing you all there! - The Year Two Team

A brilliant performance poet Conrad Burdekin came to visit our school. We had a poetry workshop where we wrote a class poem together and performed it with actions to help us remember the words.

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As we have been learning about the Great Fire of London we had a special visitor come to talk to us. We wrote questions that we wanted to ask our visitor. We used question words and question marks and we had a fun afternoon finding out about how the way fires are put out has changed since 1666 when the Great Fire of London happened. We even saw how fire fighters’ uniforms have changed over time.

IMG_0175 (Custom).JPG IMG_0178 (Custom).JPG IMG_0181 (Custom).JPG IMG_0186 (Custom).JPG IMG_0187 (Custom).JPG IMG_0192 (Custom).JPG IMG_0194 (Custom).JPG IMG_0195 (Custom).JPG IMG_0196 (Custom).JPG IMG_0197 (Custom).JPG IMG_0198 (Custom).JPG IMG_0199 (Custom).JPG

We designed our own superhero capes. We had fun making them and being superheroes for the afternoon.  We used stencils, scissor skills and glue to fix the logos onto our capes.

1 (Custom).JPG 2 (Custom).JPG 3 (Custom).JPG IMG_0122 (Custom).JPG IMG_0123 (Custom).JPG IMG_0124 (Custom).JPG IMG_0125 (Custom).JPG IMG_0126 (Custom).JPG IMG_0127 (Custom).JPG IMG_0128 (Custom).JPG IMG_0129 (Custom).JPG IMG_0130 (Custom).JPG IMG_0131 (Custom).JPG IMG_0132 (Custom).JPG IMG_0133 (Custom).JPG IMG_0134 (Custom).JPG IMG_0136 (Custom).JPG IMG_0137 (Custom).JPG IMG_0138 (Custom).JPG IMG_0139 (Custom).JPG IMG_0140 (Custom).JPG IMG_0141 (Custom).JPG IMG_0142 (Custom).JPG IMG_0143 (Custom).JPG IMG_0144 (Custom).JPG IMG_0148 (Custom).JPG IMG_0149 (Custom).JPG IMG_0150 (Custom).JPG IMG_0151 (Custom).JPG IMG_0152 (Custom).JPG

In the autumn term, Our Year 2 Learners explored history of the great fire of London, with 2016 marking this September as 350 years since one of Britian's biggest disasters, A huge fire which swept right across the north of the River Thames, destroying over 13,000 homes and 87 churches.

Year 2 used this information they had learnt to replicated house on fire in the style of houses as they would have been in 1666, including street names including Baker Street and Pudding Lane!

DSC_0437 (Custom).JPG DSC_0439 (Custom).JPG DSC_0441 (Custom).JPG DSC_0442 (Custom).JPG DSC_0444 (Custom).JPG DSC_0445 (Custom).JPG DSC_0446 (Custom).JPG DSC_0449 (Custom).JPG DSC_0453 (Custom).JPG DSC_0454 (Custom).JPG DSC_0455 (Custom).JPG DSC_0455.JPG DSC_0456 (Custom).JPG DSC_0459 (Custom).JPG DSC_0460 (Custom).JPG DSC_0462 (Custom).JPG DSC_0463 (Custom).JPG DSC_0464 (Custom).JPG DSC_0466 (Custom).JPG DSC_0467 (Custom).JPG DSC_0468 (Custom).JPG DSC_0471 (Custom).JPG DSC_0472 (Custom).JPG DSC_0473 (Custom).JPG

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