Year 1 Garnet

Welcome to Year 1 Garnet! Our Class Teacher is Miss Myers and our Teaching Assistant is Miss Kirwan.

We have lots of fun in Year 1 Garnet. The class newsletter will keep you updated each half term and will inform you of the learning taking place in Year 1 Garnet. We expect to have lots of exciting learning and activities taking place throughout the year. We will keep updating the website to allow you to take a peek of what is happening in Year 1 Garnet so make sure you come back to see the fantastic things we do at school.

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Year 1 Curriculum Map for 2016 - 2017

We were very lucky to have a visit from poet, Conrad Burdekin! We worked together to write a poem called ‘My Little Brother’ and we performed it with actions to help us remember the words.


We had the opportunity to take our learning outside and take part in an afternoon of Forest Schools. We spent our time exploring the woodland area of our school grounds, looking for evidence of any goblins that may be hiding in there! We found lots of clues that there may be good goblins living there so made homes from natural resources for them to stay in. We also saw some evidence that evil goblins may be in the woodland area too and worked together to make traps for the evil goblins to make sure they would not be causing us any problems!

Garnet Forest Schools 1.JPG Garnet Forest Schools 2.JPG Garnet Forest Schools 3.JPG Garnet Forest Schools 4.JPG Garnet Forest Schools 5.JPG Garnet Forest Schools 6.JPG Garnet Forest Schools 7.JPG Garnet Forest Schools 8.JPG

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