Year 1 Amethyst

Welcome to Year 1 Amethyst! Our Class Teacher is Miss Bailey. We are also very lucky to have Miss Mumbley who comes to teach us one day a week. Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Allan and we also get lots of help from our 1 to 1 support assistant Miss Fawcett.

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Year 1 Curriculum Map for 2016 - 2017

We had the opportunity to take our learning outside and take part in an afternoon of Forest Schools. We spent our time exploring the woodland area of our school grounds, looking for evidence of any goblins that may be hiding in there! We found lots of clues that there may be good goblins living there so made homes from natural resources for them to stay in. We also saw some evidence that evil goblins may be in the woodland area too and worked together to make traps for the evil goblins to make sure they would not be causing us any problems!

Glenn found a letter from the Goblin asking us for our help. (Custom).JPG Glenn made a super face from clay and leaves. (Custom).JPG IMG_0305 (Custom).JPG IMG_0306 (Custom).JPG IMG_0308 (Custom).JPG IMG_0309 (Custom).JPG IMG_0310 (Custom).JPG IMG_0311 (Custom).JPG IMG_0312 (Custom).JPG IMG_0313 (Custom).JPG IMG_0314 (Custom).JPG IMG_0315 (Custom).JPG IMG_0316 (Custom).JPG IMG_0317 (Custom).JPG IMG_0318 (Custom).JPG IMG_0319 (Custom).JPG IMG_0320 (Custom).JPG IMG_0321 (Custom).JPG IMG_0323 (Custom).JPG IMG_0324 (Custom).JPG IMG_0325 (Custom).JPG IMG_0326 (Custom).JPG IMG_0327 (Custom).JPG IMG_0328 (Custom).JPG IMG_0329 (Custom).JPG IMG_0330 (Custom).JPG IMG_0331 (Custom).JPG IMG_0332 (Custom).JPG IMG_0333 (Custom).JPG IMG_0335 (Custom).JPG IMG_0336 (Custom).JPG IMG_0337 (Custom).JPG IMG_0338 (Custom).JPG IMG_0339 (Custom).JPG IMG_0340 (Custom).JPG IMG_0342 (Custom).JPG IMG_0344 (Custom).JPG IMG_0346 (Custom).JPG IMG_0347 (Custom).JPG Is there room on the broom for us... (Custom).JPG Kyle made a fantastic trap using sticks and string. (Custom).JPG Ruby made a fairy garden. (Custom).JPG Tom came and told us he needed our help to find the Goblin. (Custom).JPG We made traps to try and catch the Goblin. (Custom).JPG

Thank you to all the children and parents in Year 1 who have made a miniature garden. They are all absolutely amazing and they look beautiful in our classroom! We hope that you enjoyed spending time as a family working on this project, the children are all very proud of what they created!

IMG_1983 (Custom).JPG IMG_1984 (Custom).JPG IMG_1985 (Custom).JPG IMG_1986 (Custom).JPG IMG_1987 (Custom).JPG IMG_1988 (Custom).JPG IMG_1989 (Custom).JPG IMG_1990 (Custom).JPG IMG_1991 (Custom).JPG IMG_1992 (Custom).JPG IMG_1993 (Custom).JPG IMG_1994 (Custom).JPG IMG_1995 (Custom).JPG IMG_1996 (Custom).JPG IMG_1997 (Custom).JPG IMG_1998 (Custom).JPG IMG_1999 (Custom).JPG IMG_2001 (Custom).JPG IMG_2002 (Custom).JPG IMG_2003 (Custom).JPG IMG_2004 (Custom).JPG IMG_2005 (Custom).JPG IMG_2006 (Custom).JPG IMG_2007 (Custom).JPG IMG_2008 (Custom).JPG IMG_2009 (Custom).JPG

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