Acorns and Conkers

There are two reception classes - Acorns and Conkers

Reception 1 is called Acorns and the class teacher is Mrs Radcliffe and the teaching assistant are Mrs Allan and Miss Mahmood. There are 18 pupils in this class.

Receptions 2 is called Conkers and the class teachers are Mrs Harris and Mrs Wilcock.  Mrs Harris teaches Monday-Thursday and Mrs Wilcock teaches Conkers on a Friday.  The teaching assistants are Mrs Simmons and Miss Akhtar. There are 20 pupils in this class.

In Reception we have settled really well into our new classroom and we are getting to know the daily routines and expectations.  We are becoming more independent at lunch time and we are practising using our knives and forks... it's very tricky!

This half term we are reading 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'.  We have retelling the story using props and we have been writing letters to the bear to cheer him up.

The Reception classes are for children who are aged 4 and 5 and it is their last year in the Foundation Stage.

At Carrwood Primary School we aim to create an “enjoyable experience in which the children explore, investigate, discover, create, practise, rehearse, repeat, revise and consolidate their developing knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes” Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage. P20. 2000

Each area of learning has Early Learning Goals which are the expectations for children to reach by the end of the Foundation Stage. Reception staff will make ongoing assessments of the children by incidental and focused observations and collecting evidence of learning e.g. photographs and samples of work. Children also participate in daily literacy and numeracy activities in whole class and group situations.

The classroom is organised so that children will become independent learners. Resources are labelled and photographed so that the children can put the things they have used back away. We try to give the children as much space as possible to move around and work on activities that interest them, working individually and in small and large groups. When children have completed independent work they are encouraged to label it and put it to the ‘going home box’ so that they can take it home at the end of the day.

Areas of Learning

The foundation stage begins when a child is 3 and lasts until the end of the reception year, when a child is 5. The curriculum for the foundation stage is organised into 7 areas of learning. The three ‘prime areas’ and four ‘specific areas’.

The three prime areas are:

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

This area involves the development of…

Communication and Language

This area involves the development of…

Physical Development

This area of the curriculum is concerned with

Good and positive attitudes towards learning

Self-confidence and self esteem

Good relationships with adults and peers

Behaviour and self control

Independence and self care

Understanding and respect for each other’s needs



Listening and Attention


Balancing and climbing

Co-ordination and control

Sense of space

Health and bodily awareness

Use of small & large equipment

Using tools and materials

The four ‘specific areas’ are:

Mathematical Development

This area covers the development of the skills involved in…


Understanding of the World

This area of learning promotes children’s development and understanding of

Expressive Arts and Design

This area of learning includes…









Making connections


· Reading

· Writing



Information, Communication & Technology

Sense of time

Sense of place

Cultures and beliefs

Looking at things in our environment




Role play

Imaginative play

Design and constructing

IMG_0001 (Small).JPG IMG_0167 (Small).JPG IMG_0177 (Small).JPG IMG_0282 (Small).JPG IMG_2819 (Small).JPG

Before the Christmas holiday we asked our parents to come in to decorate a gingerbread man with their children. They all looked wonderful and we are sure they tasted as good as they looked.

We took a visit on the school minibuses to Shepley Marina to go and see Santa Claus. When we got there we had to go on a hunt to find him. We met many of his friends along the way, including Rudolph and a penguin! Finally Santa arrived on a narrow boat and the children were able to tell Santa what they would like for Christmas. Santa gave all the children a gift just for coming to see him. When we got back to school we opened them together. Before we left Santa we coloured in pictures, made a Christmas badge and had a lovely drink of juice.

Christmas&ParentsMorning0001.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0002.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0003.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0004.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0005.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0006.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0007.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0008.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0009.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0010.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0011.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0012.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0013.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0014.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0015.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0016.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0017.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0018.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0019.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0020.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0021.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0022.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0023.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0024.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0025.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0026.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0027.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0028.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0029.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0030.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0031.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0032.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0033.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0034.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0035.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0036.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0037.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0038.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0039.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0040.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0041.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0042.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0043.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0044.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0045.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0046.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0047.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0048.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0049.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0050.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0051.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0052.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0053.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0054.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0055.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0056.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0057.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0058.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0059.JPG Christmas&ParentsMorning0060.JPG

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