Senior Leadership Team

Mrs N. Kilvington - Executive Headteacher

Mrs F. Whalley - Head of School


Mrs Adams - Pastoral Care Manager

Miss Bailey - KS1 Assistant Headteacher

Miss Parry - KS2 Assistant Headteacher

Middle Management

Mrs Latham - SENCO

Mrs Hughes, Miss Radcliffe, Miss Parry, Miss Lloyd - Phase Leaders

Early Years Foundation Stage Phase Leader - Miss Radcliffe

Nursery - Miss Simmons, Mr Cleghorn

Reception 1 - Mrs Schofield, Miss Oxford,

Reception 2 - Miss Dugdale/ Miss Radcliffe, Mrs Simmons, Mrs Hodgson

Petals (Two Year Old Provision)

Mrs Ralph - Manager

Mrs Burbank - Level 2 Child Care Practitioner

Miss McDonagh - Level 2 Child Care Practitioner

Key Stage 1 Phase Leader - Miss Hughes

Year 1 Garnet - Miss Myers, Miss Kirwan, Mrs Kirk, Mrs Maxwell

Year 1 Amethyst - Miss Bailey, Mrs Allen, Miss Fawcett

Year 2 Aquamarine - Miss Hughes, Mrs Nield, Mrs Roberts

Year 2 Diamond - Miss Ramsay, Mrs Stanhope

HLTA - Mrs Heald, Miss Mumbley

Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader - Miss Lloyd

Year 3 Emerald - Mrs Harris / Mrs Edginton, Mrs Tuff

Year 3 Pearl - Miss Kosar, Mrs Gibbons, Mrs McMahon

Year 4 Ruby - Miss Lloyd, Miss Brewerton

Year 4 Peridot - Miss Fenwick, Mrs Malone

HLTA - Miss Holdcroft

Support / Interventions - Mrs Grima

Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader - Miss Parry

Year 5 Sapphire - Mr Cadman, Miss Smith

Year 5 Opal - Miss Stephens, Miss Wood

Year 6 Topaz - Mr Ashworth, Mrs Trout, Miss Hirst

Year 6 Turquoise - Miss Parry, Mrs Smith

HLTA - Mrs Austerfield


Mrs Curran - Reception

Mrs Edgington - Cover Teacher

Mr Jones - Spanish

Miss Jessop - Reception

Mrs Wilcock - Music

Phoenix Behaviour Centre

Mrs Johnson

Mrs Sellers

Miss Kitson

Mrs Gartlan

Mrs Bell

Miss Carr

Miss Farmer

Mr Jackson

Mr Hamzah

Mr Hamzah

Mrs Hirst


Designated Special Provision - Amber Class

Mrs Flanagan

Mrs Costin

Mrs Mahmood

Associate Staff

Miss King - Communication, Events and Marketing Manager

Mr Mullaney - ICT Technician

Mr Adams - PE Co-ordinator

Mrs Bolton - Lunchtime Supervisor

Office Staff

Mrs Watson - Office Manager

Mrs Gill - Finance Officer

Mrs Murray - Admissions Officer

Site Management/Cleaners

Mr Garner - Site Manager

Mrs Brown, Miss Marshall, Mrs Tomlinson, Miss Pearson, Miss Broughton, Mrs Raistrick - Cleaners



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