Senior Leadership Team

Mrs N. Kilvington - Executive Headteacher

Mrs F. Whalley - Head of School


Mrs Adams - Pastoral Care Manager

Miss Bailey - KS1 Assistant Headteacher

Miss Parry - KS2 Assistant Headteacher

Middle Management

Mrs Latham - SENCO

Mrs Hughes, Mrs Radcliffe, Miss Lloyd - Phase Leaders

Early Years Foundation Stage Phase Leader - Mrs Radcliffe

Nursery - Mrs Curran, Miss Jessop, Mr Cleghorn and Miss Oxford

Reception 1 - Acorns - Mrs Radcliffe, Mrs Allan and Miss Mahmood

Reception 2 - Conkers - Mrs Harris, Mrs Wilcock, Mrs Simmons and Miss Akhtar

Petals (Two Year Old Provision)

Mrs Ralph - Manager

Mrs Burbank - Level 3 Child Care Practitioner

Miss Waugh - Level 3 Child Care Practitioner

Mrs McDonagh - Level 3 Child Care Practitioner

Key Stage 1 Phase Leader - Mrs Hughes

Year 1 Garnet - Miss Myers, Miss Bailey, Miss Kirwan,


Year 2 Aquamarine - Mrs Hughes, Mrs Nield

Year 2 Diamond - Miss Ramsay, Mrs Stanhope

HLTA - Mrs Heald, Miss Mumbley

Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader -

Year 3 Emerald - Mr Akhtar, Mrs Roberts

Year 3 Pearl - Mrs Edginton, Mr Jones, Miss Smith

Year 4 Ruby - Miss Fenwick, Mrs Ali

Year 4 Peridot - Mr Glossop, Mrs McMahon

HLTA - Miss Holdcroft


Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader - Miss Lloyd

Year 5 Sapphire - Mrs Schofield, Miss Brewerton

Year 5 Opal - Miss Kosar, Miss Smith

Year 6 Topaz - Mr Ashworth, Mrs Smith

Year 6 Turquoise - Miss Lloyd, Miss Wood

HLTA - Mrs Austerfield



Mrs Wilcock - Music

Phoenix Behaviour Centre

Mrs Johnson

Mrs Sellers

Miss Kitson

Mrs Gartlan

Mrs Bell

Miss Carr

Mrs Farmer

Miss McGinty

Mr Hamzah

Miss Mitchell

Miss Hirst Miss Ward


Designated Special Provision - Amber Class

Mrs Flanagan

Mrs Costin

Mr Northin

Associate Staff


Mr Adams - PE Co-ordinator

Mrs Bolton - Lunchtime Supervisor

Office Staff

Mrs Watson - School Business Manager

Mrs Gill - Finance Officer

Mrs Murray - Admissions Officer

Mrs Kimberley - Communication, Events and Marketing Manager

Site Management/Cleaners

Mr Garner - Site Manager

Mrs Brown, Mrs Tomlinson, Miss Pearson, Miss Broughton, Miss Ward - Cleaners



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